Ask not what your fabric can do for you, but what you can do for your fabric.


Sit and sew with the Cibi challenge

January’s meeting of the Cibi Quilters, to be held on Tuesday the 15th, is a sit and sew with the first “Cibi Challenge” – Circles and curves with Pat Morris.  

February’s meeting (Tuesday the 19th) will feature a talk and workshop on the small log cabin with Joy Savage. The cost of the workshop will be a subsidised £15.00 for members and £18.00 for non members. Watch this space for more information and a list of requirements but in the meantime you can see some lovely examples of Joy’s work here.

Bags and byes at Cibi’s November meeting

The current chairperson, Pat, bids farewell to former chairperson, Janice (left)

The November Cibi Quilters meeting went well with plenty of lovely makes, though touched with a bit of sadness as members bid farewell to former chairperson Janice who is leaving the area.

November’s meeting revolved around the production of various Christmas present makes, with items from needle cases to mug rugs.

Members also brought along some beautiful examples of their bags from the previous month’s workshop with Trease Lane.

Next month’s meeting, on Tuesday 18th December, will be held at the Llanellen Village hall as usual. Attendees will bring along a small plate of ‘Christmas Fayre’ for a buffet lunch, with the opportunity to sit and sew, or play board games, if anyone would like to bring some along.

Rudolph the red-nosed mug rug

reindeerAnother ‘make’ for the November meeting (Tuesday 20 November) is this cute reindeer mug rug.

Requirements are as follows (measurements are in inches):

Backing: 9×7
Wadding: 9×7
Front: 9×7 – this will be the background for the reindeer
Face: 6×6 brown
Scraps of contrast brown for ears and body
Mouth: 2×2 red
Scraps of green for 3 small holly leaves
Contrast binding
8×8 piece of Bondaweb or similar fusible
2 small black buttons for eyes*
3 small red beads for holly berries*

There will be some beads and buttons available in class if you do not have them.

‘Nos da’ at the Welsh Quilt Centre

IMG_8443I was lucky enough to make it to Lampeter recently to see the ‘Nos da’ (Good night) exhibition at the Welsh Quilt Centre. The centre will be closing on the 17th of November (it has been extended from the 10th) and the shop extension will be open until Christmas. For more information, visit

The quilts, laid out like bedrooms with bed and wall quilts through various years, speak for themselves, and there is a selection of photos below.

There was a strict ‘no touching’ policy, but for those who just couldn’t help themselves, there was a basket of bits to be fondled.

It is well worth a visit – my friend and I thought we had done well to make the two hour journey there just to look at the quilts, but we were informed that there had been some visitors from New Zealand, so they won the long-distance award. The visit to Lampeter wouldn’t have been complete without a wander through the Aladdin’s Cave that is Calico Kate – a shop full of lush fabric, haberdashery, knitting and crochet supples, and endless items for inspiration.








Robins and lavender bags

In our last post, we gave you the requirements for a woven bag and a needle case, both of which will be demonstrated at the next Cibi Quilters meeting (Tuesday the 20th of November).

Two other projects are an adorable robin (what’s Christmas without a robin?) and a lavender bag.

lavender 1Lavender bag

This bag is easy to make and can be done with either an open or closed back with optional ribbon.

To make one with an open back all you need are 3 pieces of fabric:1x 6.5 x 5 inches and 2x 6.5 x4 inches for the back envelope. These form the envelope into which the lavender sachet is placed.

The lavender sachet is made from a piece of cotton 5.5 x 4.75 inches which is folded in half along the 5.5 inch edge to form a piece that is 2.75 x 4.75. This is sewn along 2 edges leaving the shortest end open, turned and filled with lavender then hand sewn closed.

robinChristmas Robin

It will be easier to cut and sew the pieces together having first spray starched the fabric. It is also best to number each piece when cut as per number in brackets shown below. In addition to the fabric, you will need:

Narrow ribbon for hanging
2 small beads for eyes
Sewing machine
Cutting equipment
Sewing supplies




1inch wide strips cut into:

1 Inch wide strips cut into:

1 inch wide strips cut into:

1 inch square (1)

1 inch square (2)

1,5 inches by 1 inch (3)

1.5 inches by 1 inch (4)

2 inches by 1 inch (6)

2.5 inches by 1 inch (7)

2 inches by 1 inch (5)

3 inches by 1 inch (10)

3 inches by 1 inch (11)

2.5 inches by 1 inch (8)

3 inches by 1 inch (9)

3.5 inches by 1 inch (12)

4 inches by 1 inch (13)

Beak – 1.5 inch square

Tail – 2 inches by 1.5 inches

Caddy bags and needle cases

Last month the Cibi Quilters made a caddy bag with the ever-popular Trese Lane, with a lovely example of the finished product below.

Caddy bag

November’s meeting (Tuesday the 20th) will be an in-house workshop, with a choice of makes: attendees can choose from mug rug, needle case, lavender bag or a woven bag – all ideal presents, which can be completed just in time for Christmas. Materials and requirements are as follows:

Needle case:

Needle Case

  • 2 Pieces of contrasting fabric and 1 piece of low loft wadding – 11” x 10”
  • 1 Piece of felt to coordinate with your fabric choice – 8” square
  • Press fastener, small piece of Velcro or fastening of your choice
  • Usual sewing equipment
  • A tailor’s awl will be useful, and there will be at least one there so people can share

Woven Bag/wallet/tablet cover:

woven bag

Requirements list for finished size 10”x5” (adjust according to size). This is mainly hand stitched, finished with machine zigzag (at home)

  • felt/wadding 15”x 10”
  • assorted strips of fabric between ¾ – 2 inches wide in chosen colourway, total coverage approx. ¼ metre
  • lining fabric 15”x10”
  • contrasting perle/embroidery thread
  • fastener e.g. press stud/magnetic closure/button
  • hand stitching materials and pins

More information to follow – watch this space!

Into the Woods with the Cibi Quilters


Those who attended the Cibi Quilters’ September meeting had a special treat – a private quilt exhibition.

20180918_103705Besides being one of our members, Binkie Thomas is also a member of the Quilters Guild UK, and has been given by them the honoured position of ‘Custodian of the Suitcase of Quilts’.

“ What is this?” I hear you ask, as we all begin to have visions of Binkie traipsing around the UK trundling a very large suitcase behind her, a little like Paddington Bear.

20180918_103740The truth is that every so often, the Guild invites its members from throughout the U.K. to make a quilt relating to a theme. This year this was ‘Into the Woods’.

These quilts, wall hangings and lap quilts are sent to the custodian, whose job it is to number them, attach a small description and care for them until a group requests that the collection is sent to them for a display or talk, just as our Cibi Group did.

20180918_103732Currently there are 27 quilts in the suitcase and Binkie showed us them all, adding in her own inimitable way, a story to each where she could.

Every style was there from the traditional to the modern. There were bears and foxes hiding behind trees and rocks, thick forests in the style of Gustav  Klimt and fun ones too. A lot of talent in a little case, which Binkie packed up and then trundled home.